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Helga is a driving force
Andrew Gallon meets a guiding light behind the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and hears her concerns over conservation and hill farming

Number one
Steve Goodier arrives at the Lakes’ and England’s highest spot in his countdown of our top ten summits

Gallipoli heritage
Peter Ostle tells the story of the Silloth naval reservists who found themselves pitched into the ill-fated Turkish campaign in the Great War

Rocks with teeth
Tony Greenbank muses on the delights and perils of Lakeland’s pinnacles

A working environment
Ann Lingard joins ranger Graeme Proud as he keeps the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty clean and clear

Now thrive the rake makers
Tony Greenbank meets the father-and-son partnership whose workshop is a relic from another age

The ‘colonel’ remembers
Mark Gilligan talks to the adopted Cumbrian who has written about his service as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands War

Let the sun shine
A celebration of leaves from Tom Fryers under the shadow of the splendid oak at his home beside Windermere

A brief introduction
John Morrison offers a taste of the Lake District to those who might not have too much time on their hands

Friendly invasion
Adrian Rogan sees the arrival of travellers in his neck of the woods heading for Appleby



Five-star showcase
Matthew Appleby discovers that the Keswick Museum he knew as a child has been given a makeover

Walking 1: Ravenglass
Mary Welsh checks her tide tables as she heads for the coast

Walking 2: Greendale Tarn
Keith Wood advises us to take our cameras

Inspired by the views
Katy Moore tells how she put Cumbria on the Discover Britain walk map by linking the art and landscape of Borrowdale

At the other end of the cul de sac
John Morrison is attracted to the appeal of Piel Island

Tough times for famous sisters
Gill Baines sees how Charlotte Brontë used her experiences of going to a school at Cowan Bridge as material for Jane Eyre



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