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Restoration and renaissance
Sarah Thomas looks at how traditional farm and woodland tools are being given a new lease of life at a Lakeland mill

Solid at the crease
Dave Birkett tells Tony Greenbank why he gave up the chance to play cricket as a career to excel, instead, as a drystone waller

All hands to the pumps
Sebastian Oake calls in at the Watermill at Ings, a go-to place for the real ale aficionado

Pray, pray up and pray the game
Andrew Gallon meets the Reverend David Opie, volunteer chaplain at Barrow AFC

Still on the ball
Humphrey Dobie, president of Workington AFC, explains his love affair with the Borough Park outfit to Tony Greenbank

Recording beauty
John Morrison tells how the early visitors to Lakeland tried to explain the wonderful landscape in words and pictures

Old gentlemen of the countryside
Sebastian Oake gives us the start of his list of what he considers to be Cumbria’s ten finest trees

Vroom with some views
John Morrison begins a new series of driving tours around the Lakes

Saddle sure
Jon Sparks introduces another new series of gentle cycling routes around Cumbria’s scenic corners



Hurray for Dollywood
A cycle ride taking in the banks of the Kent estuary with Jon Sparks

Spring into life
Adrian Rogan celebrates the turning of the seasons with damson and steam engines

Walking 1: Dodd
Keith Wood takes us to the guardian at the head of Bassenthwaite

Walking 2: Kirkby Moor
Mary Welsh on a trail made easier to visit – thanks to wind power!



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