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Don't you know there's a war on?
Pete London uncovers how the 1914-18 conflict impacted on the pub-goers of Carlisle

Growth areas
Autumn is well and truly here. And that means a feast of fungus on the Cumbrian landscape. Howard Beck tells us what to look for

The sun ain't gonna shine anymore
Tony Greenbank looks at life on the farms who find themselves in the shade throughout autumn and winter

In with the inn crowd
Sebastian Oake opens our new series on Cumbria’s iconic hostelries with a visit to the Wasdale Head Inn

A portrait of the author
John Morrison meets Ian Davidson who has documented life in a small community in the Lickle Valley

Digging for history
Andrew Gallon visits a new attraction hewn from Whitehaven’s industrial past

Old ways are our ways
Jon Townend meets the couple who employ centuries-old farming methods in the second decade of the twenty-first century

The boat that rocks me
John Morrison returns to Windermere to photograph a special friend



Train of thought
Adrian Rogan reflects on the hard lives of the men who built the Settle-Carlisle line

Go to blazes
Shades of Dad’s Army as Tony Greenbank examines the story of the Dufton fire cart

Walking 1: Finsthwaite
Mary Welsh takes us through bilberries and bracken-clad moorland

Walking 2: Cat Bells and Derwent Water
Keith Wood launches out on this popular trek



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