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Britain’s best ‘spot’
Andrew Gallon sees for himself the strong attraction of Leighton Moss and Morecambe Bay nature reserve, now celebrating its golden anniversary

The one that got away
David McVey outlines the dash for freedom by Luftwaffe pilot Franz von Werra over the Lakeland fells in autumn 1940

Ring around Greenburn
Tom Bowker recalls his days of being made of sterner stuff than today when he pushed his body in challenging terrain

Divine hope
Andrew Gallon meets an action group helping English Heritage to safeguard a crumbling jewel in its crown – Furness Abbey

Essential lakes library: man up, you campers
Steve Goodier leafs through a classic book, Tales of a Tent, to an era of camping style that even today’s glamping can’t touch
‘is this the way?’ Clive Bowd tries to reassure unsure walkers by asking them the right questions

Maps never lose their charge
John Morrison prefers to stick to tradition and not rely on temperamental technology

Full circle
Tom Fryers rounds off a year in the life of Yan Yak, the splendid oak beside his Windermere home

Valley of the Rye
John Morrison goes around Rydal, a favourite spot with walkers and literary pilgrims

Suspending belief
Tony Greenbank looks at some of Lakeland’s ‘great’ and little illusions



It all started with Wainwright
John Burland tells of how film making company Striding Edge has evolved over the past twenty-one years

Walking 1: High Rigg
Mary Welsh takes on the rough and the smooth of this model mini-fell

Walking 2: Kirk Fell
Keith Wood gets a head start on this button-burster by setting off from almost 1,200 feet above sea level

Irresistible sports mixture
Tony Greenbank appreciates the massive pull of the traditional day out that is Grasmere Sports

‘I owe my existence to Arthur Leonard’
John Annetts has good reason to salute the Holiday Fellowship founder



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